Why me? (Part 1) season 1

*you are a junior in high school and you are in your class it seems like a good time because it’s the last second class of the day! The feeling of almost going home feels great. However, even thought this time of the day is the best for you it’s also the worst. Wait to find out…*


God three more minutes! I kept checking my phone for the time I couldn’t wait to get out of this class. He hasn’t said anything to me today so that’s good! I wonder why he hasn’t yet. Maybe he won’t-
“Why are you wearing that skirt it’s to short and know one wants to see that.” He said breaking my thoughts. Well it was to good to be true.
“Any thing else you like to point out yoongi.” I said rolling my eyes.
“Yes why do you keep looking at your phone know one wants to talk to you, your acting like you have friends.” He said suddenly grabbing my phone out of my hands. Unlucky for me because I was looking for the time it was a habit always unlocking my phone.
“Come on can I have one day with out you picking on me!” I said trying to grab my phone from him but his grip on my phone was to strong.
“Don’t call me by my name you don’t deserve that luxury.” He said while looking through my phone.
“Fine. Hey jerk give me my phone back!” I said. I really wanted to give him a mouthful but it was so Impolite and my mother taught me better then that.
“God why do you take so many picture. You need to practice on.that.” He said pointing at my face while laughing.
“Come on just give it back I don’t take your stuff.” I said.
“God you talk so much I’m busy here.” He said walking away from me back to his seat in the back of the classroom.
“Yoongi!” I said in a winny tone.
“Ms. Y/N we have a minute till class is over sit down.” The teacher said scolding me.
I can’t believe I’m getting in trouble when he is the one starting it. As I turn I could see him looking through my phone still. I hope he doesn’t see my music files and notes. Nothing in there was more important then my music. God this minute was taking forever.

(Bell rings)

I suddenly get up and realize he was already gone.
Great. It’s almost time to go home and my phone was stolen. Just great.

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Gym is the bread winner to broken knees (broken old knees) thinspo part 2

We walked towards the girls locker room to change. I was extremely nervous, my hip bones where starting to show and I didn’t want to make a scene. But I didn’t really have a choice. I walked up to my locker and started to undress, suddenly this girl that was on the cheer team came up to me.

“Gosh how did you lose all that weight? You look so good! How much do you weigh.?” She said while getting into her gym clothes.

I had to play it off and lie. In reality I was 118 pounds and that was a heffer to me.

“I weight 120 pounds I use to weight 140. I do a lot of running that helps.” I said with this confidence that came out of know where.

We had a good talk and exchanged phone numbers to talk more about our weight. I finished getting dressed and realized my friends were starring at me shocked.

“Damn girl you are on a role today, you just made friends with Jordan and you got a cute football player starring you down.” Stacy said while cleaning her glasses.

“Damn I wish I was you right now.” Marie said.

We all laughed again and started to head out to the field. Honestly it was pretty cold outside to me but everyone else was dying from the heat. We did our usual routines stretching, and were about to run.

“Ok class, the boys couch is out sick today so they will be excising with us.” My couch said whiling gesturing the boys to get in line with us as we run.

“Hey your eye candy is running with us today. Jamie said making a light gesture that he was behind me. I suddenly felt hot, and my face was getting red. For some reason I was getting so nervous.

The whistle is blown and we all start doing our laps. After the third lap everyone stops running but I couldn’t. I knew in my mind I had to be thinner and thinner is the winner. It pretty usual I kept running and running till I hit a mile and I take a break. Everyone looked at it as being a good runner because of track but it’s reality ana keeps motivating me. I hit my fifth lap and hear a hey from someone behind. It was that guy.


“I’ll race ya.” He said starting to increased his pace.

I started to push my body more and we both ran together. I was a quiet run for the most part and looking at him his goal was to actually beat me in my laps. After awhile I thought it was cute and childish but I didn’t mind. After finishing we gestured to the couch to get water and I kept running till I got to the fountain. I hear a wait up in the back ground but suddenly my body felt so weak and like if I was high, my body felt so light.


I woke up… noticing I was in the nurses office.

“Hey hun how are you feeling?” The nurse said checking my knees. It really hurt every time she touched them but I couldn’t show why because she will find out what’s wrong.

“I am fine I think I pushed my body to hard with my running.” I said sitting up trying to seem fine.

“Oh it’s okay hun next time don’t push to hard.” She said giving me a water bottle.

She fell of it. When she left the room I tried to get up but he stopped me.

“Hey just hold on.” He said grabbing my sides gently pushing me back to keep me seated.

“I’m fine, I just had a accident.” I said trying to get up but I really couldn’t.

“Your gonna make it noticeable so just wait till you get your strength.” He said whispering to me with his hands on my sides still.

I couldn’t believe what he said he knew. I couldn’t look at him at that point. After that moment he kept trying to look me in the eyes but I couldn’t I felt this sudden shame.

“It’s ok.” He said gently moving his hands to my face, moving my face to look up at his. He suddenly moved his hand to his shirt and lifted it up. Then I knew. This guy that is suppose to be the captain of the football team, the top achiever in his class. Is anorexic to.

Broken old knees (thinspo fiction) part 1

“Taking one more sip of tea before I run my ass off in gym today.” I said to myself.

After convincing myself to drown my sorrows in my drink. I didn’t realize but he was watching me. I can hear my friends doing there usual bickering while I’m in my usual thoughts.(your in the cafeteria having school “lunch”with your best friends) I didn’t get why he kept starring. I felt so exposed, maybe he knew? But then again know one did. So I doubt it but it made me feel so flattered maybe he started to notice how thin my hands were getting or how my legs what people are calling me now “paper thin”. My friends told me it was a compliment and I of course took it that way. Who wouldn’t want to be paper thin? It’s a usual desire of mine. I don’t really fit in with my group of friends but we been friends for ever and I don’t want to be alone so it just a tag along for the time being. I grab my fork and play with my Food and do the usual routine, make everyone laugh have a good joke and know one noticed I didn’t eat. Honestly I think my closest friend Jamie’s knows she try’s to make me eat during sixth period all the time but I declined, but then again she does tell me starving yourself is the key to beauty so she understands. I could honestly say that when I get to decline food offerings it is a guilty pleasure. We all started to get up after having a big laugh and throwing our trays away making our way to gym class. I usually walk from behind and keep to myself for the most part. I suddenly turned and saw him gazing at me still. I didn’t know what his deal was. So I did something I would never do. I smile to him and shockingly he did it back.

“Well what was that all about?” My other friend Marie said grabbing me by the wrist rushing me to walk in between all of them.

“Honestly nothing he kept on starring.” I said shyly.

“Damn someone has a crush.” Jamie said being cringe as always.

We all laughed and kept walking to class. For some reason I couldn’t keep my mind off of him. I try to brush it off and kept my mind on how I was going to get throw gym class.